The graduation thesis as part of the Graphic Design (BA) programme at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. The Value Of Form consists of two counterparts with the first referring to text material, and the latter referring to visual material. Web app created in collaboration with Mike Kokken and Tereza Rullerova, made in 2014.

Commissioned by the Royal Academy of Art for the Studium Generale programme. 'We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us' is a publication which features essays and readings from the several artists and researchers who gave lectures at the Royal Academy in late 2013. The theme revolves around a dialogue between good and evil in the context of capital punishment. Made in collaboration with Marinus Schepen, A5 format and produced in an edition of 700.

The cover art for the standalone single release by Majical Cloudz titled 'Your Eyes'. The cover art refers to the use of drum tablature, using the stack of lines with the dispersed placement of horizontal typography as a way of indicating rhythm and duration. 'Your Eyes' was digitally released in 2014 as a thank you note to everyone who was a part of their tour with Lorde.

Commissioned by photographer Imke Ligthart. A collection of booklets and prints which carry out the thoughts of a flaneur and his quest towards the third and unknown land. The publication is divided up into ten parts, acting as a map whereby navigating through the story requires assembling each part in a given order. Extrapolating the narrative between the first and last booklet with variations in typography, scale, and formats. Made in collaboration with Marinus Schepen. Printed in various formats.

On the early hours after midnight. An A1 print made in two separate editions. Originally silkscreened in a mixture of sliver and white inks, with a second set printed digitally.

As part of the Plan M exhibition, I was asked to contribute an A1 silkscreen print on the theme of music. Exhibition curated by Adrien Menard at Galerie Jed Voras in Paris.

This publication is a sequence of associative imagery in an experiment with found material. Digitally printed in A5 format.

Commissioned by the Royal Academy of Art for the Studium Generale programme. The Studium Generale programme hosts lectures, workshops, and performances by invited artists and performers. A series of posters covering the lectures for the fall of 2013. Black version in collaboration with Marinus Schepen, and animation made by James Dolence.

As part of a contribution for an exhibition in Paris, I was invited to re-imagine the flag of Luxembourg by renovating it with contemporary values. Within the original setup of three horizontal bars, the new flag explores existing values in contrast with recent social developments, in which the flag is marked with the idea of being in a changeable state of identity, while focusing on conveying a layer of loyalty, as well as protection from political instabilities.