Alyar Aynetchi is a Graphic Designer currently based in The Netherlands, and working mainly between the cultural and commercial fields on projects across editorial design, identities, image, and web. The included works are an arrangement of commissioned work, collaborations, and self initiated projects.

The graduation thesis as part of the Graphic Design (BA) programme at The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague. The Value Of Form consists of two counterparts with the first referring to text material, and the latter referring to visual material. Web app created in collaboration with Mike Kokken and Tereza Rullerova, made in 2014.

Commissioned by the Royal Academy of Art for the Studium Generale programme. 'We Have Met The Enemy, And He Is Us' is a publication which features essays and readings from the several artists and researchers who gave lectures at the Royal Academy in late 2013. The theme revolves around a dialogue between good and evil in the context of capital punishment. Made in collaboration with Marinus Schepen, A5 format and produced in an edition of 700.